All Gone Quiet

It's been a really quiet few days. The same rumours circulate, whether it's Zaha or Ndombele or Rodri, it's just the same old same old.

Rafa Benitez made a statement that pretty much confirmed everything we knew. The club didn't agree with his ambitions, so off he went. Its such a shame for Newcastle fans. A team of that stature deserve so much more. They'll be dying for the takeover to happen.

That Arsenal new advert and kit really is spectacular. Their fans have been really excited by it and I guess rightly so. But the kit won't be playing football for them next season. With no signings still and not looking like changing any time soon, their temporary joy will be short lived.

Manolas signed for Napoli which is a really excellent signing for them. A great young defender, should Koulibaly stay then they will form a formidable partnership.

Wait. Just as I'm writing this Sky Sports are reporting that Arsenal are in advantaged negotiations for free agent Brahimi. There they go ruining the excitement of the kit announcement. Clearly they can't get their desired targets so are resorting to the average free transfer player. But to be honest, with the little money they have there's nothing they can do. This would be very uninspiring.

Very short post today. There's really nothing too exciting to write about. I was saved a little bit by Arsenal and Brahimi though. Hopefully tomorrow that'll change.

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