Cech-ing out

The Europa League final is a week away. But that isn't to stop the news about Chelsea and

Arsenal rolling out. First and foremost, Mkhitaryan. It's an utter shambles and disgrace. In what could be one of the biggest games of his career in a European cup final, he isn't allowed to play because he's Armenian. UEFA are a joke but are we really surprised? We know they don't really care about racism and making money is their number one objective. This is simply what I expect from a corrupt and financially driven organisation. Should Arsenal boycott the match? Most probably. Will they? No. There's an awful lot at stake and I don't think Arsenal will be willing to not take part in a match that could get them into the Champions League and consequently make them a possible 80 million pounds. It would be an incredible thing for them to do and it would be a great statement but realistically, I don't see it happening.

There has been a lot of talk about whether Cech or Leno will start in goal for the Europa League final. Cech has played every game in this competition, but Leno is Arsenal's best goalkeeper. Personally, I'd have stuck with Cech until yesterday. Yesterday news came came out that Cech would be becoming a Chelsea sporting director from next season. See I know it's not his fault the news came out and I do feel bad if he is to be dropped for the final now, but as a manager, I'd really struggle to put a man in goal against the team he's becoming a staff member of. Cech is a huge professional but its just such a difficult situation now. It will be interesting to see what Unai Emery does.

Rumours over the past week have been pouring out from Italy about Sarri joining Juventus. I'm glad both Arsenal and Chelsea are having quiet weeks in the lead up to the final. I can see Sarri leaving even if Chelsea win the Europa League. It has just seemed from the outside that Chelsea fans don't really like him. I'm not a fan either but it'd be harsh if they got rid of him after this season in my opinion. Lampard has been linked heavily but it's too soon for him. He needs more management experience before joining Chelsea. However, Chelsea fans would probably warm to him a lot more than Sarri.

Quick side note, Harry Kane has come out and said he will make the Champions League final. It'd be so difficult not to start him but will he be totally fit? And imagine if Poch had to drop Lucas after his exploits in Amsterdam. I wouldn't want to be in Pochettino's position.

I'll be back tomorrow for another post and maybe we might hear more news on the Mkhitaryan position.

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