Champions League Final Preview

Today's the day. Tottenham vs Liverpool. The biggest game in European football involves two English teams. For Spurs, this is easily the biggest game in their history. Liverpool really need to win this after the season they've had. A brilliant team performing brilliantly all season really need something to show for their efforts. It will make for a really interesting game.

Spurs have made it to the Champions League final in dramatic fashion. Squeezing out of the

group after 1 point from the first 3 games, a VAR decision sending them through against City, then a stunning 3 goal comeback in the second half of the 2nd leg against Ajax. It almost feels like they will win. It's written for them. Everything has fallen into place. Imagine the scenes. Tottenham Hotspur, Champions League winners. The players have the chance to make themselves legends. Speaking of the players, Harry Kane. Will the main man play? I don't envy the decision Pochettino has to make. I thought he should play initially, but I've had a change of heart. There's no way he will be fully fit. If Poch knows for a fact he is fully fit and ready and at his best, Harry Kane HAS to start. But he has no match sharpness or anything so surely won't be the best form of Kane. So start Lucas and Son and have Kane off the bench as a brilliant impact sub. But Poch knows better than me so we will see.

Liverpool have had a fantastic season and performed incredibly. But it feels like it is all for nothing if they don't win anything. After a stunning come back against Barcelona, they will be full of confidence. Honestly, they are a much stronger team than Spurs and should win. They are a machine and just win games. And winning games is what football is about. They know how to get a result and even when playing badly they find a way. They're a fantastic team and will fancy their chances hugely. Mane is going to be crucial in my opinion. Liverpool's best player and the man who always turns up in the big games. As well as that, he will be up against Trippier, so he should have a field day.

Liverpool should win. It's really as simple as that. But it just feels like things are written for Spurs and going their way after a dream-like Champions League campaign. A fairy tale could be written tonight with a Spurs victory. Or maybe Liverpool will get the trophy they deserve for this season and Klopp will end his finals hoodoo. I guess we will have to wait and see.

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