Championship Preview/Poch and Spurs

This is my first post where there hasn't been a significant game the day before. Feels weird after this incredible week of football. Since last summer and England's World Cup run, football has been phenomenal. But onto the weekend's key games.

The Championship play offs this weekend. Always sets up some great and unpredictable games. Personally, I'd love to see Aston Villa back in the league. Great club with good Premier League pedigree. I'm a big admirer of Jack Grealish too. But to be perfectly honest I think we will see him in the top division next year regardless of if Villa go up. I can see him at Spurs. Poch loves himself a young English talent to nurture - if he's there next season (I'll get on to that). I fancy Villa to win the first leg against West Brom - who I most certainly don't want to see back in the PL. Leeds vs Derby should be a good game. Really wouldn't mind seeing Frank Lampard back managing the PL. But at the same time, Leeds are a huge football club, so I'm not too fussed either way. One thing I think goes against Leeds now is the fact their momentum stalled and they bottled automatic promotion. Someone like Villa are full of momentum and can carry that into the Play Offs. But as I said, it is almost impossible to predict this. Especially after this last week. I think Derby will win the first game, however, I do expect Leeds to go through and set themselves up a Wembley date with Aston Villa. So put your money on a West Brom and Derby final.

Hearing Pochettino's recent comments make me an even bigger fan of him. Poch has worked miracles at Spurs. He's turned a club not really doing anything into a regular Champions League team, competed for the league 2 seasons in a row, playing great football and now in their first ever European cup final. All with very limited funds. To push Spurs to the next level, Levy has to back him. They have the foundations for something special, and with some money and a few additions, Spurs can go to the next level. But if he isn't backed, why should he stay. He has been linked with Juventus and if Levy doesn't give him what he wants, they run the risk of losing him to Italy.

I'll be back tomorrow to look at the Championship results and have a look at the Premier League final day. Don't expect too much to happen, but in a week of miracles, will we see another one?

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