Ctrl, alt, De Ligt

First and foremost, congratulations to Tranmere on their promotion to League 1 yesterday. A last gasp goal must have been all the more pleasant for them. Not so much for Newport. The camera panned to the mega celeb fan, MIKE DEAN, when the goal went in. I wonder what he does if the ref gives a decision against Tranmere? Does he shout abuse towards him or not? But congratulations to Tranmere nonetheless.

Rumours of Matthijs De Ligt going to Manchester United are getting more and more frequent.

Apparently it might actually happen. United are willing to give him massive wages. I've been saying there's no chance of hi... Well would you believe it. This is no joke. Deadly serious. I just got a Sky Sports alert saying Manchester United have ruled themselves out of a move for De Ligt. That is an incredible coincidence. But at the same time I'm not surprised. Rumours saying he was on his way came as more of a surprise. No big player will want to go United. Especially a sought after wonder kid that everyone in Europe wants. Trust me on that. I'm glad I was right on that one. Will now probably end up at Barcelona.

Real Madrid value Eden Hazard at 80 million and are refusing to pay Chelsea's 130 million price tag. I understand he's on his final year of his contract, but are Madrid taking the piss? 130 million is probably quite cheap regardless of his contract situation. This is one of the top 5 footballers in the world. Zaha is being valued at 80 million. Even though he's into his last year, 130 million is a fair reflection of what he should cost. I'm sure it'll happen eventually but if Real think they're getting him for 80, they'll have to think again.

Apparently Sir Alex Ferguson is upset about not being consulted by Ed Woodward over the

past few years. I find that interesting. As a United legend you'd think they would come to him for advice every now and again, which I'm sure Solskjaer has done a few times. But at the same time, maybe they want to move on from him after he advised them to get Moyes and left them with a really bad squad when he departed. Apparently he thought United should have got Pochettino - which he is right about. He also wanted United to sell Rooney immediately and use Zaha more. If Woodward has completely isolated SAF then that is very silly of him. Especially in the position the club are in right now. But I wonder how true this is.

I'll be back tomorrow with another post and back to daily posts after missing yesterday. See you then

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