De Ligt to Juve and Neymar Return to Barca Imminent?

De Ligt has been linked with almost every club in Europe it feels this summer. United, Barcelona, PSG and now Juventus. However, the links to Juve seem a lot more certain than previous ones. According to Sky Italy, a move is very close. I see this as a very good move. A young man moving to a team who are going through a revamp of their squad, playing next to Chiellini and a chance to star with Ronaldo. Why would you say no? Rabiot is apparently close too, and with a new manager, Juve are going through a revolution. A chance to join the Serie A champions and go for the Champions League is tough to say no to. Unless you don't want to play with Kieran Trippier. Then you say no.

After signing for PSG from Barcelona a few years ago, it now seems Neymar wants a return to the Spanish champions. It seems like the Brazilian isn't happy in France, with the team not getting close to winning the Champions League, which he is evidently desperate for. I can see Neymar wanting to go back, and Barca wanting him, but why would PSG sell their star asset? If they do, it wouldn't be for cheap. There have been constant rumours of Neymar being a bit jealous of Mbappe's success and being in his shadow but he knows first hand going back to Messi's team won't solve that - it's why he left in the first place. Personally, I don't see this happening.

Other news includes Arsenal being in talks for Tierney. A logical move as Arsenal need a new first choice left back. United are also closing in Wan-Bissaka, which we all expected. Manchester City are back in for Harry Maguire and are very close to signing Rodri. Just a quick round up of all the latest news and that is all for today. I'll be back tomorrow for another transfer update.

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