Pretty exciting deadline day. Lets cut to the chase and talk about the big deals. Luiz signed for Arsenal. Better than what they've got? Yes. Likely to sort out their defence? No. Iwobi left the Gunners for Everton. I've always thought that Arsenal fans scapegoat him way too much and I think he will do well in Merseyside. He's got the ability to do well if he can be more consistent in the final third. Surprised Arsenal didn't replace him either. Spurs signed Lo Celso and Sessegnon. Finally. Took them long enough. Dybala was close to a move too but image rights (wtf) ruined the deal. They'll be disappointed but it's not a position they necessarily needed but he'd have added a lot of quality. The two North London sides did the best business this summer in my opinion alongside Everton. Lukaku left United without them replacing him. They may be left short up front now. I worry for United - they had a really average window. Other deals that were completed included Krafth to Newcastle, Welbeck to Watford and Drinkwater to Burnley which I think are all good deals for those clubs. Interestingly, I think everyone had a good window in England barring United and Palace. Crystal Palace didn't make any notable signings and lost Wan-Bissaka, and potentially Zaha in the sense he may now be a lost cause. The transfer window is still open for a number of clubs, so it'll be interesting to see what happens to players like Eriksen, and also players abroad like Neymar and James Rodriguez.

THE PREMIER LEAGUE IS BACK. FINALLY. ITS BEEN SOOOO LONG. Finally. A really cracking season in store. Tonight we have Liverpool vs Norwich. One side aiming to win the league and one aiming for survival. I think it should be comfortable enough for Liverpool even potentially without Mane. They should get their title tilt off to a good start. It'll be interesting to see if they still play as well as last season and the same intensity with no major signings. I'm sure they will but sometimes you just need to rejuvenate the side. Regardless, Liverpool will win 4-0 today.

Will be back tomorrow for a bigger look at the weekend's fixtures. Can't wait.

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