England Win Overshadowed by Disgraceful Cameroon

I don't watch much women's football and I'm sure a lot of people don't either. They are trying hard to garner a bigger audience and England's run so far may attract more people to turn their tellies on. However, the antics performed by the Cameroonians yesterday was nothing short of disgraceful and would do no good for audiences. A 3-0 for England overshadowed by shambolic behaviour, including disgusting tackles and spitting at England players. Then when a VAR call didn't go their way, they had the cheek to play victim and claim they're subject of racism by FIFA. Yes, VAR is terrible and the referee lost control completely but that's another story It's behaviour like this that is going to make females not want to play football which would be a huge shame. Ultimately, England came out deserving winners, but it's a major disappointment that that wasn't the main talking point.

Arsenal have had an interest in Wilfred Zaha for a while, and according to reports, will attempt to go all out for him. With limited funds, Emery will ask for an exception to be made and do everything possible to get him. Zaha is a great talent and would be a good signing, but he is a bit headless and inconsistent, and him on his own wouldn't change anything at the club. To be honest though, I don't know why I'm even talking about it as it's not going to happen. Palace will ask for 80 million and there's no way that Arsenal will spend that. That's a no-go.

Argentina just about squeezed through, after another rubbish display against Qatar. They managed to do that only due to the inability of Paraguay. They will not get far at all. They're really poor and need to find a new group of players. They keep persisting with the same set who have failed so regularly and persistently. Messi has urged the team to step up now they're in the knock out rounds... I've heard that before. Maybe the other players should urge Messi to step up for his country for once.

That's all for today. I'll be back tomorrow. See you then.

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