FA Cup Preview

Everyone seems to have written Watford off already. Easy win for City. Domestic treble incoming. What a season and all that. I don't think it's going to be that easy. Listen, City SHOULD win. But football isn't that easy. If it was I'd be rich by now. And I have a funny feeling Watford are going to win today. I can't tell if it is me being hopeful and optimistic. But I genuinely believe they are more than capable of causing an upset.

Watford are a good team with a great manager who will be going all out today. This is it for a lot of these players. The biggest game of their careers. In a cup final anything can happen and Watford have all the motivation in the world to pull off a victory. Despite being in slightly sloppy form towards the end of the season, the players would have had their eyes on this prize, and will be hyped up to pull City's trousers down. You can imagine Troy Deeney giving a rousing team talk a la Harry Kane in Amsterdam.

Watford need to get at City. City are a team who can be damaged defensively if you play bravely. Whether it is long balls to Deeney or some lung busting runs from Doucoure or Capoue, they have to get at a City defence, especially if Kompany is in it. I'm not saying Kamikaze football, they have to defend well, but there is no way they can expect to win if they're just going to park the bus. City will find a way through.

Looking from City's perspective, they will be super confident and riding on the crest of a wave after being crowned champions last week after another astonishing campaign. They will be looking to complete a domestic treble without any trouble - which most people seem to think will happen. What else is there to say about City? Incredible team, incredible players. We will probably see De Bruyne play or at least come off the bench too. If he starts it will be an massive boost. Apparently they will go on a spending spree today, looking at players like Rodri and De Ligt. I worry for the rest of the league.

I really, really hope Watford win. City should and probably will win. But I just have a feeling for Watford that they will end their season on a high. And I mean City win enough, it's boring now. Give someone else a chance. We know you're bad in Europe but just share some domestic trophies. It is beginning to run the risk of things becoming boring. And why does Pep and City keep going on about them being victims and no one liking them? It's so annoying. Don't you watch the television? Everyone loves you. Everyone wanted you to win the league so Liverpool didn't. Honestly stop playing the victim.

See you tomorrow to review Watford's famous victory

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