French Fried and Nations League Talk

No disrespect to the French national team, but they're easily one of the worst sides to win a World Cup, and if we are being honest, illustrates how poor international football is right now. Maybe puts into perspective England's World Cup achievements? Or maybe I'm being a little bit harsh. I mean, we did lost to Iceland in the major tournament before that. But back to France. Turkey really outplayed them from back to front yesterday. Mbappe and Pogba were utterly shocking, but they weren't the only bad performers. There's such a lack of quality in that French team and Deschamps is such an average, stubborn manager who is refusing to get rid of the old guard and bring in some actual quality. How is Olivier Giroud still playing for them? Matuidi and Sissoko need to be replaced and why isn't Ndombele in the side? Griezmann is one of the most overrated footballers I have ever seen. I mean, a good manager would see this and instantly make the French team a hundred times better. On the other hand, Turkey were brilliant and are looking at a really bright future with so many young, talented players coming up and plying their trade in foreign leagues. They will fancy their chances of qualifying out that group comfortably.

Final day of Nations League today. Been pleasantly surprised by how good this tournament has been. Lots of high class, competitive matches. Huge improvement on friendlies. England have to take part in the dreaded third place play off against Switzerland today though, and after the disappointment of Thursday, this has the feel of an irrelevant match, as are all third place play offs to be honest. I don't know what else to say. I hope Southgate doesn't play Kane and tells him to start his holidays a day early and to just get fit. Apparently he is going to be put on a tough training regime for his ankle this summer, which is a boost for England and Spurs.

I'm really looking forward to Holland vs Portugal. Ronaldo vs Van Dijk. Can the best striker and

goalscorer on the planet find a way past the colossus that is VVD? He even has De Ligt to pass. If there's anyone that can do it is Ronaldo, and he may prove to be the difference. Watching the Dutch against England, it was clear they were a very good side who played good football and liked to control the midfield. However, they seriously lacked a top striker, with Babel and Depay being two average players. Having a top, game-changing striker up front is the difference a lot of the time, which Ronaldo might show them. But with a wall to pass ahead of him, it'll make for a great watch.

I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully I will have some exciting matches to go over. See you then

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