He's Magic You Know

I have seen it all now. Sometimes words aren't needed. Something weird is going on in the Champions League this year. The drama and comebacks we are seeing on a regular basis is something extraordinary. The biggest night in Tottenham's history ended in one of the the most dramatic nights in European football history. One night after Liverpool's heroics, Spurs matched that. They probably outdid them too. Spurs weren't just 3-0 down on aggregate, they were 2-0 down on the night. In the Netherlands. Against a very good Ajax team. But up stepped Lucas Moura. I'm still a bit speechless to be absolutely honest. Spurs vs Liverpool in a Champions League final. Who on earth would have thought that? Really illustrates the jobs both Klopp and Poch are doing. Best 2 managers in Europe? Can't argue otherwise. I have always thought Poch is the best pound for pound manager in the world. No money spent for 2 windows, no Kane, depleted squad, no home stadium for half the campaign? No problem. Madrid here they come. He's magic you know.

Spurs were terrible in the first half of both legs. On both occasions they started slowly and allowed Ajax to take a stranglehold on the game. Bringing on Llorente in the second half of this leg ended up being the decisive moment. He absolutely bullied the Ajax defenders. It was like watching a blend of a prime Drogba and Adebayor. He won every single long ball. From this, Alli and Lucas were in business. I thought those three were magnificent alongside Sissoko. Dele Alli has been poor for the majority of this season, but he has constantly be played out of position when clearly he is best when he is close to goal. This is no one's fault of course. Spurs' squad is so depleted especially in midfield that Alli has had to play in different positions.

The intensity and work rate of the Premier League teams, particularly Spurs, City and Liverpool, are the reason why English teams have been so dominant in Europe this season. Teams in other leagues are being ripped apart by the way they play. By the 60th/70th minute, opposition are knackered by the relentlessness drilled in by managers like Klopp and Poch. The games in the last 2 days indicate that. Barca and Ajax were beginning to look dead on their feet and cracking under the relentless pressure of the their opponents. By the end of tonight, we could see 4 teams in both European finals. The Premier League is well and truly back.

A quick word to Ajax. They have had a fantastic campaign beating Real and Juve in scintillating fashion. They have a brilliant young team and were seconds away from the Champions League final. Their team will most probably get pulled apart this summer which is disappointing for them. Players like De Ligt, De Jong and van de Beek belong in European's biggest leagues.

Tonight Arsenal and Chelsea have a chance to get into a European final. I fancy Chelsea to have little problems, but I do worry for Arsenal. 3-1 is a good lead, but Arsenal's away form is pathetic, and if Valencia get the first goal... game on. The atmosphere will be a huge factor too. Ultimately, I think they'll make it, but with the way European football is right now, you just can't predict.

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