In Good Kompany

We expected City to win. We didn't expect City to win like that. Vincent Kompany firing a missile into the top corner. He tries that 1000 times, he misses 1000 times. He tries another 1000 times, and this time he forces the goalkeeper into a save. And finally on his 2983rd attempt... he still doesn't score. This is how unlikely it was for City to all but win the league last night in this fashion. He always seems to come up with a title winning goal, Vincent Kompany. I don't want to get into his qualities as a player too much, although I do believe hes one of the most overrated players to ever play in the league. One of the media's darlings. They adore him. Been a great captain for years for City, but that does seem to overshadow his clumsiness and consistent need to commit rash tackles. He committed an 'orange' card offence last night too that everyone seems to be brushing under the carpet. City fans and the media love him. As a personality though, he seems like a very nice guy, and is a monumental leader, so it was fitting to see him score that goal. Especially if it is his last season at the club.

I thought City would win comfortably but Leicester were really impressive. They went to the Etihad to dance with the reigning champions. They played some really good football and I thought Pereira, Ndidi and Maddison were outstanding. If teams like Arsenal and United stand still in the transfer window, Wolves and Leicester might be having a look into breaking into that top 6. At a point in the second half, I genuinely though City were going to choke. The crowd was getting extremely agitated and the players were beginning to give away some sloppy passes. City's best play came from Bernardo Silva (who is my player of the season). His direct running, close control, mixed in with his immense work rate is unmatched. He's the perfect player. However, City showed why they are champions and have so in recent weeks. They have grind out 1-0 results against Spurs and Burnley recently alongside last night's result, showing their mentality and ability to just get the job done. They are the best team I have ever seen in this league and surely have the best squad ever assembled.

Bruno Fernandes seems to be on the brink of a big money move to City. As if they weren't good enough already. It isn't really fair. How can any team compete with this. Soon this league will turn into Ligue 1 and Pep will get all the praise. For spending billions and buying all the best players. Really impressive. How do you do it Pep? Still can't win the Champions League though. Spending all this money to be tactically exposed in Europe isn't a good look. Dominating in England because no one else can keep up with the spending really isn't that impressive to me. If City were to drop points against Brighton this weekend, it'd be one of the biggest shocks ever. But if it did happen, I wouldn't be too disappointed.

Good luck to Liverpool tonight without Salah and Firmino. Don't really stand a chance. Or Mane will stand up and have his Thanos, 'I'll do it myself' moment. Yes, two Avengers references in two days. I promise I will stop now. I'll be back tomorrow to reflect on the result.

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