I can't get my head around it. I know Sane and Pep haven't had the best relationship, whether that's in regards to work ethic or whatever it is. But how on earth are City going to let him go. It may not be true. Maybe City don't want to sell him. Bayern have confirmed their interest in him and rumours are the teams are in talk. The guy is an insane talent. He's ridiculously good. The way he can beat a player so effortlessly. Only a few players can do it like him. Pace, power and a great left foot. It would genuinely stagger me if they sold him. Isn't Pep meant to be a super coach who gets the best out of every player he manages? I'd be extremely disappointed if he is just to give up on this project. However Pep did say a day or two ago that he did want to renew his contract. I just get the feeling he isn't as keen on him as he claims to be and would be open to selling. From Sane's point of view, it would be a good move. Not getting any significant game time at City so now has a chance to move back to Germany would make sense, especially as part of a Bayern revolution. But maybe I'm totally wrong about all this and there's no way he will leave. Only time will tell.

Speaking of Bundesliga teams, Borussia Dortmund have started the transfer window like a house on fire. They have made the signings of Thorgan Hazard, Julian Brandt and Nico Schulz already. After blowing a 9 point lead and once again being the bridesmaid of Bayern Munich, they have not wasted any time in trying to close the gap. Dortmund started the season well but began to fall away but to be honest, I was never really impressed by them. Never really struck me as that good of a team, especially after the battering they got by Spurs. There was a

massive gulf in class. Dortmund will need all the signings they get especially knowing that Bayern are going to spend freely too.

United are being linked heavily with De Ligt now, as predicted. Not going to happen. As I said, United will be linked to every big player under the sun but not sign any unfortunately. Not many players would want to go to THIS United team managed by Ole in my opinion, especially a sought after player like De Ligt.

That's all for today, will do a play off final preview tomorrow or Saturday before the game on Sunday. See you tomorrow

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