It's a Quiet News Day

Since the Champions League final, it's been a quiet few days on the football front. Anthony Joshua was knocked out by a fat Mexican man and World Cup favourites England, were beaten by Pakistan since Liverpool reigned victorious. However, dreadful news did come out that former Real Madrid and Arsenal footballer Jose Antonio Reyes was killed in a car crash along with his cousin. It is such tragic news and it is horrible when any man dies at such young age. Apparently he was driving at 150mph though, which suggests he was probably being a bit silly at the wheel. But regardless, it is terrible news and thoughts go out to the family involved.

I can't help but feel this summer is going to be crazy in the transfer window though and all of this is the quiet before the storm. When the international football is done and dusted there is going to be a large explosions of transfers. One piece of transfer news that grabbed my attention was Aubameyang interesting a few Chinese clubs, and they're willing to pay around 70 million pounds for him. I'm sorry if Arsenal fans love him or whatever but 70 MILLION POUNDS FOR A 30 YEAR OLD STRIKER WHO DOESN'T TURN UP IN THE BIG GAMES. Arsenal are short of money this summer and need funds. They're being handed on a plate to them here. If a Chinese Club does bid 70 million for him, they'd be absolutely foolish not to accept in million opinion. They could reinvest in 1 world class player for that price, or 2 good players who can improve the team. I mean, Arsenal have Lacazette, so if they bought 2 players who can score goals from the wing or midfield, they wouldn't miss Aubameyang. But the way Arsenal football club is run, I have no trust in them doing anything right.

The Nations League finals starts tomorrow and England have a great chance for some sort of silverware. However I'll discuss this more tomorrow so see you then.

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