It's Been a While...

I'm back. It's been a while. Been on holiday and news has been repetitive so posts began getting similar. But the season is oh so close now and transfers have stacked up.d. Follow my Twitter @parkthebus_tka for updates on posts and just talking sports stuff. So let's get started

Arsenal are close to signing Pepe. Basically done. Huge signing. 70 odd million for arguably the best player in Ligue 1 last season is a statement. Majorly talented and a wonderful winger that Arsenal have needed. However, Arsenal have been good offensively. They've scored goals. But as seen in the Emirates cup, they can't defend and concede. A lot. They haven't addressed that at all this summer. Mustafi has been scapegoated and yes he's not good, but nor is Chambers, Monreal, Maitland-Niles, Koscielny, Holding is unproven, Sokratis is just ok and the midfielder in front of them Xhaka is a liability. They need to sort that out now instead of just attacking areas.

The Bale thing is quite funny to be fair. He's won, what, 4 Champions Leagues? Scored a wonder goal in one final and has had a hand in a number of other cup victories yet Zidane is treating him like an outcast. It's fine if Zidane doesn't rate him and wants to get rid of him but he's acting like he's Chamakh or something and just kicking him out to the kerb. His potential move to China is off so I wonder what'll happen next. He should move but it seems Madrid are keeping him like a prisoner there right now. They certainly do have a wealth of problems though and their crushing defeat at the hands of Costa and Felix emphasizes that. They're not a very good team still and the facts are Zidane isn't a very good manager. Yes whatever he won, however many Champions Leagues but he had a phenomenal team and Ronaldo literally dragged them to trophy after trophy. His league record was never that good either.

I feel sorry for Newcastle fans. Sacking the man they loved to appoint Steve Bruce. It's sad. They're one of my favourites for relegation now to be honest. This is of course no fault of Bruce - he's an employee and I feel bad when he's booed. But the frustrations of the fans must be overwhelming and their disgust towards Mike Ashley must be at an all time high.

Everton seem to be doing some good business. In talks for Kean and trying for Zaha. Doubt they'll get Zaha but Kean will solve a problem position for them. Clubs outside the top 6 have strengthen nicely including Leicester and Wolves with the latter acquiring Vallejo and now Cutrone. Teams are spending a lot of money now and hopefully it'll make for a competitive League season.

Liverpool haven't made any major signings and I worry it may come back to bite them. They have a good team but they need more players, especially to strengthen their squad. City have strengthened and ideally, I'm sure Liverpool don't want them to pull away. I'll be disappointed if they don't sign anyone to help give them a boost. Same in a way with Spurs. Ndombele was great but they need more. It seems pretty likely they'll sign Lo Celso which is good and they've been linked with Dybala but I don't see that happening unless Eriksen leaves really. And I'm convinced he will stay and sign a new contract now. Their team will look good if they add Lo Celso but that right back position just worries me. Davies is solid and if they keep Rose then even better. But on the other side they have the lunatic Aurier, lightweight Walker-Peters and centre back Foyth. Apparently Pochettino wants to give the latter two a chance but I'm not sure KWP is good enough and Foyth just isn't a right back. That could turn out to be a really problematic position for them.

I've officially returned and that's that for my first post back. The season starts in 2 weeks and the Community Shield this weekend.

Can't wait.

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