Ole's at the Wheel

So the first piece I post coincides with the league's battles nearly coming to an end. The incredible title race goes down to the wire, but aside from that, the relegation scrap has finally finished and the Top 4 dogfight has basically concluded . Commiserations to Cardiff but Warnock has done all he can to try and keep this team up, but they do probably belong somewhere in the middle of the Championship instead of in the Premier League. I don't think we will be seeing them any time soon and personally, I'd rather not see them any time soon.

What I will focus on though is the Top 4 race but particularly Manchester United. Chelsea and Spurs have all but guaranteed their place in the Champions league next season after they won the, 'Who Can be the Least Shit' trophy. I have never seen four teams so keen to not qualify for Europe's most prestigious competition. It has bordered on a joke at times.

I'd like to focus on the fiasco at United though. After their heroic draw at Huddersfield, I felt it was necessary. First and foremost for all United fans: Ole isn't, has never, and never will be the right man for the job. The biggest mistake was appointing him and not waiting out for Pochettino. Obviously there are other problems at United that I'm sure everyone knows about. The transfer policy is a farce. There's no authority throughout their leadership hierarchy. The Glazers' disinterest in United's success, Ed Woodward's transfer doings and lack of a footballing mind, Ole's feeble management, and the players' pathetic performances all contribute to the Manchester United you see today.

Ole isn't the right man for the job. When I see him on the technical area I can't help but cringe. Listen, he seems a nice enough guy, but his demeanour reeks of a school kid who has been asked to try and sort this circus out. The players are a disgrace too. They play for Manchester United. One of the biggest teams in the world. Some of the best fans. But the fact that they turn on and off at will is a shambles and half of these players need to go. If this team played at the best they possibly could, I'm sure they could have got their hands on the much coveted, 'Who Can be the Least Shit' trophy. If Ole wants to be successful, the first four players who need to go are: Pogba, Martial, Sanchez and Lukaku. Pogba and Martial are two world class talents, but their inability to put their football club ahead of their own ego is not something they need to put up with. Sanchez has been one of the worst signings in footballing history and Lukaku isn't a top striker. His weight issues are becoming concerning too. He's beginning to resemble someone with the footballing ability of John Carew and the bodily figure of (SPOILER ALERT) Thor in Endgame. They need a whole new back line, defensive midfielder, and a couple of wingers. But this isn't Fifa. Selling and buying players isn't easy, especially in one window. I seriously worry for United. They are in big trouble. But Ole is at the wheel right?

I'm still getting to grips with this blog stuff so bare with me if there are things that aren't totally right. I'd appreciate any comments on the design of the website, how it looks, any improvements, and your opinion on United and if you agree/disagree. Check out the social media links around the website and give me a follow on where ever. I will be posting daily and will be back tomorrow after a Leicester masterclass tonight to restrict City to only a three goal victory.

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