Premier League Team Review: Chelsea - Huddersfield

Before I start the next 5 teams, just like to say I was chuffed to see Villa get through to the final. The Premier League is a much better place without teams like Stoke and West Brom and we we need teams like Leeds and Villa. As much as I Iike Grealish, I thought McGinn was superb and I know Villa fans think very highly of him. Not getting as much media coverage though because he's not English like Grealish, but he most certainly looks a really good player. Anyway onto the next teams.


Grade: C

Player of the season: Hazard (obviously)

Chelsea have had an ok season in the league. Nothing more. Finishing third has really been a miracle which has only happened due to the inability of the other teams and the main man, Eden Hazard. They're going to be in real trouble when he sets foot in Madrid next season. Whenever I watch Chelsea they are dull, boring, slow, no cutting edge. Until Hazard comes up with something. Apart from that I haven't been impressed with Sarri and his decison making and this so called, 'Sarriball', which ultimately has ended up being, 'givetheballtoHazardball'. Playing Kante out of position is wrong and his persistence with players like Alonso, Kovacic and Barkley is annoying. Chelsea are just boring. Nothing else to say.

Crystal Palace

Grade: C

Player of the season: Wan-Bissaka

I kind of feel disappointed by Crystal Palace. I feel like they should be doing more and generally higher up the league. They have had an okay season again, but I get the feeling that they are underachieving. They have some really good players like Zaha, Wan-Bissaka, Townsend, Van Aanholt to name a few. They missed the real presence of an actual striker until Batshuyai came in but even then their home form was pretty disappointing. Their away form however has been pretty impressive, as seen with results away at Arsenal and Manchester City. But they need to find a way to open up teams at home and stop relying on counter attacking all the time. Overall, their season has been nothing to write home about.


Grade: C

Player of the season: Digne

I really like Marco Silva. I think he will do a really good job at Everton. This is symbolised by their second half of the season form and results at home against Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. They even held Liverpool to a draw which derailed their title charge. However, their early season form is the reason for a C. Marco Silva was under the threat of being sacked. They couldn't score goals and were struggling to keep the out. However this changed later on. I associate Silva as an attacking style manager, but he really shored up the defence and gave the team a great work ethic contributing to a better defensive record. The form of Zouma and Keane was a big plus. As well as that, Calvert-Lewin up top was really impressive. Although he didn't score many goals, his all round play was exceptional and this bought the best out of players like Sigurdsson and Richarlison. I have big hopes for them next season.


Grade: E

Player of the season: Mitrovic

Nothing much to say here. Lots of people had high expectations for Fulham. Lots of new signings. Premier League experience. But it hasn't panned out well at all. Defensively they have been a shambles and goals has been really hard to come by. They have relied on Mitrovic too much, who has done well with very little service. They improved slightly with Scott Parker, but nothing significant. Ryan Sessegnon was a slight disappointment, with all the hype he had attached after his exploits in the Championship. But he's only a young man playing in a chaotic environment. If speculation is to be believed, he is close to a Spurs move, so if he is a real prospect, he will have the perfect environment to thrive.


Grade: U

Player of the season: Schindler

Terrible. No positives. Can't score goals. Leaks bagfuls. Really dreadful team who I have no idea how they stayed up last season. One of the worst Premier League performances. Managed to draw against Manchester United though.

That's that for these 5. Tomorrow will be a good one. Leicester, Liverpool, Manchester City and United and Newcastle. See you then.

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