Sarri, Mata and More

Been an inconsistent week with my posts. I just started an internship with 90min so have been busy for 1 or 2 days, so apologies. But my posts should be back to normal from now on. Follow my Twitter @parkthebus_tka for updates on articles I write for 90min.

Maurizio Sarri came out swinging at Chelsea and Eden Hazard at his Juventus press conference. Firstly, yes, it is a step up from Chelsea to Juventus, so he's not wrong about that. But his comments on Hazard? Needless. I don't like Sarri at all and I think although him being kicked out of Chelsea was a harsh decision, I don't think it should be looked at as a wrong one... if that makes sense. He had a decent season due to the lack of quality in the Premier League and because of the class of Hazard. So his attack on him is stupid and petulant. For someone with a supposed philosophy it wasn't very clear to see what that was. At least show something. But there was nothing. He will win Serie A at Juve - everyone does - but he will fail in Europe.

Juan Mata has signed a new contract at Manchester United. I have been openly critical of United, so I can't be bothered to go into it again. But this is just funny. They are in turmoil. They've given this old man who is no longer good enough a new contract, and signed a Championship player. What a club. Wan-Bissaka is rumoured to be close, but there is just no hope for United fans. Everything looks bleak this window and beyond. I've said it once, I'll say it again: how the mighty have fallen.

When VAR began to get introduced, I was completely against it. And the way things have been going on over the past few months just goes along with what I thought. There's no consistency with when VAR is used. Should they use VAR for every contentious decision, should they use it when a goalkeeper moves a millimeter off their line (as seen in the women's match the other day, which cost Scotland a place in the knockout stage), but most importantly, why use it if the referees are still going to get decisions wrong? I'm okay with it if they use it for clear cut offside decisions, but now every time the ball hits a hand its hand ball, meaning they'll be using VAR all the time. VAR should be used for obvious decisions, but if there are penalty calls refs are still getting wrong with it, then why use it at all? And also, there's going to be a point where fans no longer celebrate goals, as they'll be scared because it may get disallowed. VAR will kill football and the enjoyment and emotion. It's a joke.

Argentina continue their struggles, as they leave themselves on the brink of an early dismissal in the Copa America. A team lacking confidence and serious quality, are due a rebuild. Maybe it's time to shift players like Aguero and Di Maria, and focus on youngsters like Lo Celso, De Paul and Icardi. They can still get out the group, but need a miracle.

That's all for today. The England u21s take on Romania at 5.30. They need a victory after gifting the French 3 points in the first game. Will be back tomorrow. See you then.

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