Sarri To Go/Hazard's the Real Deal

What we all expected to happen has finally happened. Maurizio Sarri is set to become the new Juventus manager. It was always going to happen, but I guess we were just waiting for

official confirmation. A strange move for them in my opinion. A massive club looking to win the Champions League, have gone for someone who is simply not a top manager. I don't see their fortunes in Europe changing any time soon. I find it funny that Aaron Ramsey left Arsenal to be managed go to Juventus and to be managed by Allegri. I wonder if he's regretting the move there now. But anyway, I think we all know who's taking over at Chelsea too. Frank Lampard's appointment feels just as inevitable as Sarri to Juventus did. A novice in management has to take over a poisoned chalice of a job, with a club who has just lost the league's best player, and going through a transfer ban. A not very enviable position. However, one thing is for certain, and that is he will have the overwhelming support of Chelsea fans, something Sarri lacked. Whether he is successful or not, only time will tell.

On the topic of Juventus, reports claim that they are in talks over a remarkable move to bring Paul Pogba back to Italy. Honestly, as incredible as it would be, I can very much see this happening. Pogba wants to leave, he's played at Juventus before, the lure of playing with Ronaldo and more importantly, they're way more appealing than Manchester United right now. We know Real are interested, but how much money can they really spend? Don't be surprised if this transfer happens.

Eden Hazard was presented to 50,000 Real Madrid fans at the Bernabeu yesterday. A monstrous number of people to see one man do a couple of kick ups in the centre of a pitch. In his press conference, he spoke of his desire to be the best player in the world, which is something that is very feasible for a player of that ability. I can definitely see him winning a Balon D'or or two. He also talked of his excitement to play with Benzema, 'the best number 9 in the world.' A statement that could easily be true, it should be very exciting to see the pair link up. Benzema's all round play and ability to play for the team should help Hazard flourish. I'll definitely be sure to tune in to a lot of Real games next season.

That's all for today, hopefully there will be some more big transfer news over the next few days to sink our teeth into.

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