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After the Manchester City and Spurs 2nd leg, I thought that was the best game of football I have ever seen. Although this match doesn't reach those dramatic heights, this was easily the best European night I have ever seen. The Anfield crowd and players at the end. The scenes. The tears. To overturn a 3-0 deficit and restrict a team with Messi in it to only a few chances is remarkable. Liverpool were sensational and were fully deserving of this result. They are truly a magnificent team right now and the hunger and desire and intensity that is manifested from Klopp through all the players is something to behold.

After one of the most memorable football nights in history, every player is deserving of a special mention. However, I feel like Origi and Alexander-Arnold merit special mentions. TAA is 20. He plays with the maturity and mind of a seasoned 30 year old pro. The ingenuity to think of taking a free kick, but then to execute it. England have a special player on their hands. I have always been a fan of Divock Origi. Yes, he's not a top player but I have always thought he is a very good player and never lets the team down. He could have been given more game time this season, especially ahead of Sturridge. I was so pleased for him to be the one to steal the show. Special mention to Matip too who in my opinion, has been the best player over the two legs. But this most certainly will be a team performance we won't forget for a long time.

Barcelona aren't allowed to get away with their performance though. They were an utter disgrace. There was no urgency, no pressing, and no real desire to go score a goal. Even at 4-0, there was never a clear indication that Barca would score a goal. The players looked timid and scared, and looked completely out of place. It was a disastrous performance, with Messi nowhere to be seen to saving them. He missed a guilt edge chance in the first half where he took an extra touch to try and get the ball onto his left foot. I'm not saying one is better than the other, but I can't help feel Ronaldo would have come up with a big moment in this game. Messi never seems to do that just as well as Ronaldo does. Not saying Ronaldo is better. Not here to ignite a debate. But in a big knockout game on the big stage, I'd much rather have Ronaldo in my team. I'm not blaming Messi at all for this defeat. I thought the whole team was pathetic. Alba, Busquets and Lenglet especially bad. Why doesn't Umtiti play? Beggars belief.

After last night's game, it is hard to see Ajax vs Spurs live up to that. Ajax will be the favorites, but I really believe Spurs have a good chance. Ajax are beatable... but I've been saying that for the last two rounds. The return of Son is huge for Spurs. Eriksen will really have to stand up and be counted, but I can see another big game no show from him. Guess we will have to wait and see.

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