Super Cup Review

Liverpool celebrating the Super Cup the way they did, in my eyes, is a bit embarrassing. It's the European version of the Community Shield. It's cool to win but not really a big deal. Chelsea were the better team too. They played really nice football and I'm really impressed with the football Lampard has got them playing. With the reintroduction of Kante - who was brilliant - they looked much better defensively. Jorginho was magnificent too. The only problem with Chelsea is a big one. The striker position. They don't have a top striker to take the chances they create. It's a huge problem. Abraham doesn't look a top player and we know the capabilities of Giroud. Regardless I think Lampard is showing some good signs.

I'm a bit surprised by how poor Liverpool have been in the first 2 games this season. They seem to be so, so open in midfield. Liverpool have always had a midfield problem but it seems to be coming more to the front this season. Players like Henderson and Milner are Wijnaldum are workaholics but aren't the best footballers and as a result, Fabinho is being left isolated in midfield. Their midfield is miles and miles behind City's hence why they won't win the league.

Slightly later post today and that's why it is slightly shorter. Will be back tomorrow for a Premier League preview.

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