Super Frankie Lampard

The news we have been waiting for. Frank Lampard has returned to Chelsea as the new manager at Stamford Bridge. A move which kind of feels like has happened a couple of years too early. However, I don't see how Lampard can lose here. No transfer, have to play the kids, he has an excuse if he fails. It feels like he knew this and thought, 'I might as well give it a shot.' The fans will certainly back him, and they will most certainly give him a long run at the club. If things go pear shaped this season, then as I said, he has an excuse. He will have next summer to buy who he wants, and this season to nurture the youngsters. Maybe it isn't a bad move at all.

Manchester City have signed Rodri. It's done. He's City's man. The heir to Fernandinho's throne. Many have said that he's going to be Manchester City's Busquets. Replacing Fernandinho is going to be such a hard job as he's been brilliant for ages for them. Every time he's injured, they miss him incredibly. Remember the period he was injured and they lost 3 or 4 games? An argument could be made that he's City's most important player. If Pep believes Rodri is good enough then you can be sure he must be a top player and the right man to succeed Fernandinho.

Speaking of City, apparently they're lining up Ake if they can't get Maguire. For 40 million - half of Maguire's price - that could be a decent signing. A good young defender, he would fit in well with City's playing style. I do have doubts over if he is good enough for that level though, but the same could be said for Maguire. The battle for Maguire will determine a lot for both City and United.

Joao Felix signed for Atletico for 126 million. That's crazy. Literally mental figures for a boy who has performed well for 6 months. One hundred and twenty six million euros. Unbelievable stuff. Neymar ruined the market. The kid must be an absolute freak of a footballer. Atletico are either the luckiest team on earth to have him or they've been absolutely mugged. It'll be so interesting to see how he turns out.

I'll be back tomorrow as the transfer window now comes to life. Should be an exciting few weeks. See you then

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