The Premier League Is Back + Players To Watch

It's been a while since I posted due to obvious reasons. With Covid-19 pretty much halting Planet Earth, I thought it would be a good time to focus on university related work and get all that done while there was very little to talk about in regards to football. The world has been a crazy place in 2020, so now with Premier League football returning after over a 3 month hiatus, hopefully it can bring some sort of unity and a boost in morale that we all need.

Honestly, I feel like a kid a few days before Christmas. I cannot wait for the Premier League to start. With my team Arsenal playing on Wednesday, it really does feel incredible to have football back. I will talk about both games that are going to be played on Wednesday in tomorrow's post.

Instead, I am going to talk today about my view on football behind closed doors and what I think of the whole situation. Firstly, I personally am not too bothered about the fact that there are no fans in the crowd. Right at the start when the Bundesliga was about to begin, I was worried. But after watching a few games, I realised that it really didn't bother me that much. Yes, it is a bit strange and different. But I got used to it pretty quickly. I'm watching football to watch the likes of Sadio Mane and Kevin De Bruyne and all the best players show their class. As well as that, I watch football to watch my team win. I'm not peering into the crowd every few seconds to see what the they're doing and the progress the man in row T has made in his £10 burger. (£10 burger? Must be the Emirates). Instead, I'm watching the players play. And in the last few days, seeing Lionel Messi and Eden Hazard perform so well really illustrated just what we have all been missing. That's why I watch football. Of course the atmosphere is different and the fans do add a lot. But if that troubles people so much, just turn on the option that brings crowd noise. Football is back, and let's enjoy it with basically a game on every day and every game broadcast on TV. It's going to be a treat.

Before the season (re)starts, I want to make a prediction of who I think will be absolutely crucial for two of the teams towards the top of the table, and two towards the bottom from now to the end of the season. With a lot still to play for, some players will need to step up and be counted.

Paul Pogba

A player who has benefited from the break is Pogba, and now with him fully fit and potentially raring to go, Manchester United will be banking on him to forge a partnership with the impressive Bruno Fernandes in order for them to get into the top four. We all know that the Frenchman has failed to deliver to the heights that we all expected, so now would be a perfect time for the midfielder to come up with the goods.

Harry Kane

Another player who has been able to get back to full fitness thanks to the break. In fact, Spurs as a whole have a number of their players back, and Jose Mourinho will be delighted. Harry Kane's goals from now until the end of the season could be the difference as they also try to make the top four.

John McGinn

It would have been easy to just pick Jack Grealish for Aston Villa. But I went with another returning man. McGinn was sensational for the Villans before he picked up that injury in December, and his return will be such a massvie boost as they try to avoid relegation. McGinn is a huge presence in both boxes, and with him back in the team next to Grealish, they may have the quality needed to remain in the top flight for another season.

Ismaila Sarr

The man who ended Liverpool's unbeaten run was really beginning to impress for Watford before the season was put on pause, and it's clear that Sarr is a serious talent. Blessed with rapid pace, if he can continue where he left off then the Hornets will be hopeful that they can push up the table and away from the relegation zone.

So that's all for today's post. Chuffed to be back and chuffed for the season to restart. Make sure to follow my Twitter as I am most active there: @parkthebus_tka. As well as that, follow me on Facebook and Instagram, both have the same names as my Twitter. I will be back tomorrow for a new post.

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