Treble Winners

That was a bit of a damp squib. One of the most boring cup finals I've watched in years. There is just such a gulf in class and I felt bad for Watford. In the biggest game of their careers, there was nothing they could do to avoid a humiliation. This is what domestic football is becoming. There is a serious threat of City doing the treble every year. Yes Pep is good, City are good but the simple FACTS are: City are dominating because of the money they are spending. No one else can compete. It isn't impressive. Pep coaches these players brilliantly but he needs the best players in the world and all the money in the world so he can get the players he wants to coach. But tactically he is inept as we see in Europe and it just frustrating to see that they are going to spend a couple more hundred million this summer. Why did people want this team to win the league over Liverpool?

There is nothing much to say about this match aside from the fact that City were just too good. They had Sane, De Bruyne and Aguero on the bench for God's sake. They are now the first team to complete the domestic treble and are probably the best squad ever assembled in Premier League history. Congratulations to Watford too on a superb cup run and just not being good enough to compete with City. They have had a fantastic season.

Kompany's on his way to Anderlecht. One of the best captains in Premier League history and he's had an astonishing career, especially for being just an okay footballer. But hopefully he does well at Anderlecht and best of luck to him.

Only a short post today after yesterday as I just don't think there is much to talk about. It's pretty clear to everyone about City's dominance so I don't need to go into much detail. Their dominance is beginning to look a bit like Brooks Koepka...

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