What's Going On With Tottenham

Okay so, almost five months later and I'm back for real. Been extremely busy and working on a number of fronts meant I had little time to write here. But that won't be a problem anymore. I will be looking to post every other day and occasionally every day. Anyway, let's dive in. A lot has happened in the Premier League ad Europe recently, and I will try address as much of it as possible in the coming days. But let's start with Tottenham following their defeat to Norwich City in the FA Cup.

As an Arsenal fan, it's pretty funny to see what going on with Spurs. But I am going to analyse this in a neutral way. First and foremost, Jose Mourinho is FINISHED at the highest level. Daniel Levy made a massive error not backing Mauricio Pochettino, but he made an even bigger error appointing Mourinho.

I get it, Harry Kane and Son Heung-Min are injured. Two of their key players. But the football they are playing is painful to watch. He sets up to defend against absolutely everyone nowadays. Even without Kane and Son, he should be more offensive. He has a number of attacking players: Dele Alli, Erik Lamela, Tanguy Ndombele, Giovani Lo Celso and Lucas Moura to name a few. There's enough players there to be more expansive. But he won't. It's Mourinho. He failed to adapt with the times and he's simply a dinosaur now. He's no longer that serial winner with charisma who was a box office attraction. Spurs are going nowhere with him.

But... Mourinho isn't the only man to blame. The players are simply not good enough. Lucas Moura is average, Serge Aurier is a mistake waiting to happen, Dele Alli is really not that good, and the pairing of Toby Alderweireld and Jan Vertonghen are too old now. That's just five of the players. And you know what, this shows just how good Pochettino was.

The Argentine overachieved with a group of players who were never good enough to reach a Champions League final. They were not good enough to compete in the way they did in the Premier League, but Pochettino squeezed everything out of them and made them good players. Barring a few naturally top class players, like Kane and Alderweireld.

That's why he was asking Levy for some financial backing. That's why he wanted to sign some players to take them to the next level and keep the squad from going stake. Instead, they went a whole season without buying a player, and missed out on deals for Paulo Dybala and Bruno Fernandes.

And ultimately, that's where the problem lies. Daniel Levy is the biggest problem at Spurs. A man who has failed to back managers on a number of occasions. A man who has failed to buy players due to haggling over minuscule numbers. A man who has made a number of poor footballing decisions. A man who is simply holding Spurs back.

Unfortunately for Spurs fans, they are going nowhere under Levy. There is an extremely long couple of years set to come for the club, and they missed their huge chance to solidify their place among the English and European elite.

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