Wilf is the Man for the Gunners

Zaha wants Arsenal. Arsenal want Zaha. Will Arsenal get him? Probably not. Zaha can want a move to Arsenal, but how on earth will the Gunners pay his extortionate fee with their limited transfer budget? Unless Emery fights with the board to give him more funds, I'm not sure how this happens. If they got Champions League football, they might have got him. But now it's just unlikely. And to be honest, I'm not sure he's worth more than 50 million. A talented player who is most certainly better than what Arsenal have got, but still quite inconsistent and at times headless in the final third. Nonetheless, he is an exciting footballer and may spark some joy with the fans.

Apparently Eriksen's family are in Spain finding a place for them to live. I'm never sure how people find this sort of stuff out or how true it is, but if it is factual then surely Eriksen must be pretty confident of a move? Real are in the market for a midfielder with Pogba, Eriksen and recently Van Der Beek being linked. I don't see Pogba happening due to the hefty price and Van Der Beek isn't a big enough name. Although rumours have been swirling that Zidane doesn't want Eriksen, I actually do think it'll happen. It seems like the player is desperate for a move and has almost cut ties with Spurs. He must be pretty certain he's off. If he really is in Spain house hunting, then you'd expect a move to Madrid to happen. And the price would probably be closer to what Real can pay after their mega spree this summer. Spurs' strong interest in Lo Celso suggests that they know he's a goner too.

Argentina have somehow stumbled through and found their way into the Copa America semi-finals. They face Brazil in a mouth watering clash. This should be the end of the road for the Argentines. Brazil have been good, but lack a proper goalscorer as Jesus isn't really performing and Firmino isn't an out and out number 9. Yet they should have more than enough to put away a tepid Argentina side and reach the final.

That's all for today. Be back tomorrow with another post. Byebye.

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